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Our Strory

In 2017, our founder, Eloy Pechier, won the prestigious Mister France competition, quickly gaining an active community on social media. His partnerships with renowned brands led him to explore the potential of influencer marketing.

After two years of growth and expertise in this rapidly expanding field, Eloy identified a crucial need for modern creativity. This is how Suny Management was born in 2019.

Our vision is based on three pillars: Transparency - Cohesion - Conquest. Transparency forms the foundation of lasting relationships with our collaborators, clients, and talents. Cohesion represents our team spirit, benevolence, and strong bonds we create with all our partners. As for conquest, it symbolizes our ambition for success, ensuring the achievement of our clients' goals.

At Suny Management, your success is our top commitment.

Our Commitment : 

At Suny Management, your success is our top priority. We believe in a personalized approach, focused on your specific goals. Our dedicated team is committed to providing creative and effective solutions that propel your business to new heights.


Eloy Pechier


"Suny Management, your complete digital partner, where creativity, social media expertise, and transparency come together to propel you towards digital success."

Suny Family Team

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